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Projects - Air Solutions East

Featured projects

Some of our featured projects where international equipment has been  furnished:
  • Harvard University
  • Northeastern University
  • Massachusetts Public School
  • New York Hospital
  • Japan Process Kettle Cooling
  • Rhode Island Public School

Harvard University
60 Ton Geoclima air cooled scroll chiller with remote microprocessor including remote monitoring. Manufactured in Italy.
Northeastern University
50,000 cfm Climatech custom air handler including thermal break double wall construction with heat recovery. Manufactured in Austria.
Rhode Island Public School
Eight (8) DX custom rooftop units manufactured by Climatech ranging from 3000 cfm to 25,000 cfm. Units are double wall with custom air filtration systems and heat recovery. Manufactured in Austria.
Japan Process Kettle Cooling
Two (50) ton Geoclima air cooled recipricating chillers supplied to food processing manufacturer in Maryland and shipped to Japan to process and freeze foods for supplies to large institutions and hospitals. Included process microprocessor and remote monitoring. Manufactured in Italy.